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BEEN is developed as a student's software project for Distributed Systems Research Group at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic).

Comments, suggestions, bug reports and other feedback should be sent to writeEmail("been", ""); ?>.


Tomáš Kalibera (writeEmail("kalibera", ""); ?>)
Original architecture ideas, development consultations.


Jakub Lehotský (writeEmail("abatezu", ""); ?>)
Results Repository.
David Majda (writeEmail("david", ""); ?>)
Software Repository, web interface, RSL interpreter, Host Runtime, project web, documentation.
Branislav Repček (writeEmail("brepcek", ""); ?>)
Host Manager, configuration detection, load monitoring, documentation.
Michal Tomčányi (writeEmail("michal.tomcanyi", ""); ?>)
Benchmark Manager, Xampler, core architecture.
Antonín Tomeček (writeEmail("tomea0am", ""); ?>)
Host Runtime, Task Manager.
Jaroslav Urban (writeEmail("jarourban", ""); ?>)
RUBiS, core architecture, documentation.
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