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BEEN is an environment for benchmarking of distributed middleware systems. It consists of multiple components which can run either on a single machine or in the distributed environment (on multiple machines).

Host Runtime
Provides environment for running BEEN tasks. The tasks carry executable code and form basic work units of the system. Vital BEEN components (except Task Manager and web interface) are tasks themselves.
Task Manager
Schedules tasks for execution in the distributed environment and monitors the running tasks.
Software Repository
Manages software packages (software sources or binaries) available for the system. It stores them as "BEEN packages" (.bpk) along with metadata information.
Results Repository
Stores collected benchmark results and performs additional processing. Visualizes processed results as graphs and tables.
Benchmark Manager
Keeps track over existing benchmark experiments. The experiments are grouped into benchmark analyses aimed at performance comparison (comparison analysis) or regression benchmarking (regression analysis). The Benchmark Manager supports benchmark different benchmarks through benchmark specific plugins.
Host Manager
Stores database of hosts available to the system. Performs software/hardware configuration probing and host management.
Web Interface
Allows easy interaction with the system components using the web browser.


More information on BEEN can be found in

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